Push-Along Pink Fairy by Orange Tree Toys

Orange Tree Toys

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This wooden push along toy has colourful wooden beads that make a clacking sound when pushed along. Children love hearing this sound as they take their first steps. The push along pink fairy is created to stimulate your child's imagination while they have fun. Hand painted in bright colours. Hours of fun from the minute they start to find their balance.You child will be very happy with this toy and will engage as play most of the time. For decorating your child‰ۡóÁÌ_åÈs playing room this type of toy is best for your child. It is perfect for encouraging early role play either for the single child or as they play with others and learn to share. Handcrafted and finished in non-toxic paint. Stick measures approximately 48cm and comes with an easy grip knob in a matching bright colour. Suitable for children 12months+