Battino Wooden Ball Pound Toy



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Our best collection Selecta's Battino is a fun musical twist on the classical hammer ball pounding toys with 3 wooden balls and a wooden hammer (with felt padding on one side).
Toddlers and children will have great fun developing their hand-eye coordination and motor skills as they pound the colorful, chunky balls through Battino's hole. Once through the hole, the ball bounces clikety-clack over Battino's descending wooden bars before it rings the little bell at the end. You can also turn Battino over and just have fun exploring the basics of gravity while you and baby roll the balls down Battino's colorful wooden bars. Battino ball hammering toy is a modern baby activity toy for toddlers and children that will be enjoyed for a long time.
Battino is finished with non-toxic, water-based dyes and fragrant beeswax.